Mission / Vision


Our mission is to provide high standard websites with extensive, easy to manage backoffices. On the other hand, we also provide high quality assistance for your coding issues.


We believe that in this rapid changing world, in the near future, internet is going to play an even greater role than we can imagine. Everyone can benefit from having his or her own website, so we provide this opportunity. We are convinced that social media is going to play a bigger role than ever (if it isn’t doing that already), so we tend to respond to this need by offering a massive social media integration in your websites. By using the latest technology available, EyeWebz ensures rapid and well-formed programming.

We also believe that the internet is for everyone. That is why we provide custom made websites based on the WordPress CMS. This is an easy to use library that can be utilised by anyone who has a computer and internet. By creating custom components for this CMS, Eyewebz guarantees that you will be able to handle your own website with ease.

In other words: The future is waiting, don’t miss it!