EyeWebz is a young company that wants to profile itself as your partner in web development. Whether it is a website or design work you need done, we can provide the best solution for your desires. Are you looking for a freelance programmer? Or do you just want your own website? Well, look no further, we have just what you need. EyeWebz provides everything you need! Whether it is a freelance programmer to be incorporated in a bigger team or a web developer that makes easy to manage websites, we have it all.

Our field of expertise is situated in custom programming and web building. We believe that every user should have the ability to manage websites, without a programmer intervening in this process. that is why we have chosen to use WordPress CMS. WordPress is an online content management system. It has been developed by a lot of developers who created an intuïtive and easy to use back-end system. We at EyeWebz strongly believe that this is the way and strive to accomplish the same effect.

Our modules are thoroughly tested by several user groups, to help find and correct all flaws in the system. Once this is done, the modules are admitted to our framework and are ready to be used by all EyeWebz clients. Do you want to become a client yourself? Drop us a note using our Contact form or call us at +32 499 273 271.